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X-Stop BA80 12v Battery Powered Electric Fence Energiser 0.6J - 10Km

X-Stop BA80 12v Battery Powered Electric Fence Energiser 0.6J - 10Km

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The X-Stop BA80 12v Battery Powered Electric Fence Energiser 0.6J - 10Km is the ideal electric fence energiser for almost all common installation types.

This energiser is perfect for small to medium electric fence installations where a mains electricity connection isn't available.

  • Complete Kit - Looking for a complete electric fence energiser kit? Look no further! With everything you need to get started, including an earth stake, earth lead, fence connection clip, fence lead, and cable to connect your battery, this kit has got you covered. Don't waste time hunting down individual components - get everything you need in one convenient package with our 12v electric fence energiser kit.

  • Easy to use - With fast and convenient crocodile clip battery connectors, it's easy to connect to a 12v car or leisure battery. Ideal for use in remote locations without access to mains electricity, the BA80 is the perfect solution for hassle-free electric fencing.

  • Durable build - Looking for an electric fence energiser that can stand up to tough weather conditions? The BA80 is the one for you! Constructed with an IP54 rating to ensure it is weatherproof and dustproof, and made from impact resistant material, the BA80 is built to last. Invest in an energiser that can keep up with you and the elements with the durable and reliable BA80.

  • Safe - Safety is a top priority when it comes to electric fence energisers, and the BA80 is no exception! With certification that exceeds all relevant safety criteria, including UKCA, CE and RoHS, you can rest assured that both you and your animals are protected. Plus, we regularly update our certification to ensure ongoing safety and compliance. Choose the BA80 for a safe worry-free electric fence experience.

  • Informative - Our battery powered energisers now come equipped with a multifunction LED. The LED flashes green to indicate that the unit is operating correctly, and flashes red when your battery is running low. With this innovative and user friendly feature, you can easily keep tabs on your energiser's performance and make sure it's always running smoothly.
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Detailed Information

Power Requirements

12 Volt Battery

Battery Life

This energiser draws 30 mAh - A fully charged 85 Amp car battery should last 60 days+ * (battery life is only a guide and is affected by fence setup, weather and battery conditions)

Power Output

The BA80 delivers 0.6 joules at 8500 volts when connected to a fence with a resistance of 500 ohms

Fence Coverage

This energiser can power up to 10Km of fencing or an effective area of up to 6.25²km / 625ha

Fence Compatibility

This energiser can safely power solid galvanised wire, poultry mesh, poly wire and poly tape

Energiser Weight

0.55 Kg

Energiser Dimensions

145mm x 110mm x 45mm

Box Contents

BA80 Electric Fence Energiser
Battery connection lead and crocodile clips
Earth stake and earth leads
Fence connection clip and fence lead
Instruction booklet

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